Seizure of vehicles and other assets $500.00
Evictions and enforcement of other Orders $457.15
Additional charges may apply depending on circumstances:
Time on-site over one hour.
Time (per hour, after the first hour) $35.00
Travel will be charged on work done outside of major centres.
Mileage (per kilometer) $0.60
Travel time (per hour) $25.00
Disbursements for searches, towing, impound charges and other reasonable charges are an additional charge
Proceedings against land
Notice of Intention to Sell $350.00
Disbursements for process serving, searches and registration are an additional charge.
Additional fees may be charged for skip tracing, administrative matters involving lawyers and bankruptcies or other irregular circumstances.
The process for selling seized property may vary greatly depending on the type of property. We will discuss this further after seizure is effected.