Hi, we just had a member of ours come in and give a big kudos to you guys for your hard work with her case. Thank you!

Calgary Residential Rental Association

Hi there, thanks again for your assistance with my tenant issues. You made my problem so much simpler with all your help and prompt responses. SERV-IT will be my #1 bailiff services for any future incidents.


I so appreciate your hard work and professionalism for truth to prevail. So glad this one is across the finish line.


I have worked with SERV-IT Bailiff, Process and Tenant Default Services on a professional capacity for over 6 years on a monthly basis. My experience with them has always been a very positive one. They are very knowledgeable in regards to the Residential Tenancies Act of Alberta and very professional in the way that they deal with both landlords and tenants. Their level of customer service is superior, and I have always found them to be very reliable, honest and efficient.

Boardwalk Rental Communities

Thank you so much for being there for me during this rough time. I have a couple rental properties, and should I need you in the future, I will definitely call. Once again, I appreciate everything.